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BIAOC 2020


Casoro Jewelry Safes

Nancy Bryan

(800) 538-0600 

Eco Concrete Solutions

Jo Baumgartner

Kellenberg Studio

Steven Kellenberg

LGI Homes California LLC

Ryan Taylor

(702) 332-8334

Pacific Interwest Building Consultants

Glen Martin

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.

Ali Azimi, PE, PLS

(800) 419-4923

SABP Print Solutions

Colleen Howes

(949) 756-1001

Sullivan, Curtis, Monroe Insurance Services, LLC

Kristy Clearman

(800) 427-3253

Top Greener, Inc.

Keilani Holton

Union Bank

Ryan Park

(949) 553-7023

If you are a New Member and you want to get more involved, please contact us!

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