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Want to make a difference in your community?  

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The Building Industry Association of Southern California, Inc. Political Action Committee (BIASC PAC) is one of the largest and most active local building industry PACs in California. The BIASC PAC's mission is to identify, educate and support candidates for elected office who maintain integrity and have an understanding of the building industry and recognize its contributions to the health of the overall economy.


The organization supports candidates knowledgeable and supportive of the building industry in their election efforts to various seats including city councils, county supervisors, state legislators, water boards and school boards. These industry-friendly officials then serve on regional boards in appointed positions such as SCAG, AQMD, RWQCBs, etc., where they make policy decisions that impact the building industry. 


Good business-friendly public policy starts with electing good people to seats at all levels of local, regional and state government. Supporting good candidates helps facilitate favorable policy outcomes. 


The BIASC PAC works hard to keep its members abreast of the latest issues that affect their ability to build homes in Southern California, and your support of the PAC directly supports these outcomes. You directly support the building industry through support of the BIASC PAC.


To learn more about getting involved with the BIASC PAC, please call Steve LaMotte, BIAOC Chief Executive Officer at 949-777-3863.


The BIA/OC tracks and documents each fee in every jurisdiction on an annual basis through our Land Development Fee Survey. This survey allows our members to fully understand the cost implications of building residential projects in any given jurisdiction here in Orange County. As a part of our annual fee tracking, the BIA/OC asks each jurisdiction to provide at least a 60 day notification on regular fee adjustments, per our BIA/OC Fair Share Principles. We also ask that the jurisdictions work with the BIA/OC on major fee studies and significant increases. The advanced notification allows us to fully understand the methodology and needs assessment surrounding a particular fee.

In many cases the jurisdictions methodology is found to be flawed or the needs assessment fails to meet the appropriate nexus requirements. In those cases, we are able to effectively advocate for a lower fee or no fee at all. It is these kinds of tangible cost savings that stand to be a true benefit to our members and the industry at large. For more information about the efforts of the BIA/OC Government Affairs Committee or to order a copy of the most current Annual Land Development Fee Survey please contact BIA.


Action Center is member communication program that allows our builders to connect with people living in project areas. The program enables our members to deliver their talking points, directly contact local elected officials, and coordinate volunteer speakers for public hearings.

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Our Government Relations Services include strategic liaison relationships with: 

  • Environmental Issues

  • State and Federal Code Compliance

  • School Facilities Fee

  • Transportation

For more information on services and how BIA works for YOU, feel free to contact BIAOC Chapter Executive Officer Steven LaMotte.



Phillip Chen R-55
Sharon Quirk-Silva D-65

Steven S. Choi R-68

Tom Daly D-69

Janet Nguyen R-72
Laurie Davies R-73
Cottie Petrie-Norris D-74


Josh Newman R-29

Bob Archuleta D-32

Tom Umberg D-34

Pat Bates R-36

Dave Min D-37

County Supervisors

Chair Michelle Steel – 2nd District

Donald P. Wagner – 3rd District

Vice Chair Andrew Do – 1st District

Doug Chaffee – 4th District

Lisa A. Bartlett – 5th District


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