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Our mission is champion housing as the foundation of

vibrant and sustainable communities.


Welcome to the Building Industry Association of Southern California, Orange County Chapter (BIA/OC). The Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIA/SC) is a non-profit trade association representing 1100 companies affiliated within the homebuilding industry throughout Southern California. The Orange County Chapter is one of four chapters that make up BIA/SC, and is also affiliated with the California Building Industry Association (CBIA). An active board of directors and 9 volunteer committees, made up of leaders from local builders, trade contractors and businesses associated within the real estate industry, lead BIA/OC in its mission.


Laguna Beach actually had its own Home Builder Association from (1939-1954).


In 1942 the Federal Government issued an order restricting building and use of building materials. Construction stopped in many areas, a good number of contractors were put out of business, others joined the armed forces or took government work. Because of this, ten chapters (not OC) became inactive in the 1940s.


In 1968 the OC Chapter had about 20 Board members and 125-150 members. The Executive Director (Royce Colm) was paid by BIA/SC and he worked from the Title Insurance and Trust Co. Gwen Rosebeary was a secretary for the Title company and they donated her services to the BIA. Gwen was eventually hired by BIA/SC but was almost terminated because SC did not want to pay for two staff members. Thus began event fund raising. Gwen was hired by BIA/OC making $25 a day. Gwen continued to work for the BIA for 29 years before retiring, and today an award that recognizes member volunteerism is presented annually in her name.


TODAY BIASC represents over 1100 member companies and over 100,000 employees within the building industry. Your involvement is what makes BIA strong and your involvement is important.

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